April 14, 2003

Batavia family thanks those

who helped disabled twins


By Patrick Waldron

Daily Herald Staff Writer

Kerri Branson spent Sunday delivering prizes to friends and even strangers who showed her family so much generosity a day before.

She was handing out items to raffle winners who came to Saturday's Branson Project fund-raiser, a benefit in Batavia that raised $35,000 for her 5-year-old twin boys, Zach and Luke, who need continual treatment because of cerebral palsy.

The twins were diagnosed with spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy when they were 9 months old, a result of premature birth. Both boys must use wheelchairs and have limited movement.

Beyond that, the boys have been plagued with severe reflux that causes them to vomit three to four times a day. That alone left them homebound and in fear of developing esophageal cancer.



Today, things are improving thanks to hyberbaric oxygen therapy. 

The treatment delivers 100 percent pressurized oxygen to the parts of the brain that are "idling" and not really functioning.After 169 treatments, the boys are sleeping through the night. Also, they have made gains with their cognitive skills, allowing them to form words and improve their motor skills enough to drink from a skinny cup.

But those treatments are not cheap.

Two years ago, the family raised $45,000 from a very general Batavia community.

This weekend, the Branson Project kicked up again with a fund-raiser at the Eastside Community Center in Batavia.

At least 750 people turned out at Batavia's to support the Branson Project and raised about $35,000, early counts show.

"Anything is great," said Kerri Branson, overjoyed with the outpouring of support. "We are so thankful."



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