Special Moments at the Perlmutter Center in Naples, FL




Look what we can do in the Tank! 

Luke and Zach had amazing endurance to hold themselves up while in the tank getting treatments.  A caregiver is always in the tank with the boys.



                                                                        2003                                                                    2005

Joe, a hyperbaric Tech, Luke, Zach, and Stephanie, LPN at the Perlmutter Center.

#1 Branson Project recommended HBOT Facilities:

We have tried several, and have found these 2 facilities are the best around in their state:


HBOT Facility in Naples, Florida


HBOT Facility in Bolingbrook, Illinois

Click on O2 to find a hyperbaric facility* near you.

remember...get a referral from someone who has been there!

*not all of these facilities are recommended.


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